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Ehemalige Research Fellows

Dr. Oleg Andreev (A, D)

Sep 2007 - Aug 2009

Dr. Oleg Andreev

String theory, Quantum Chromodynamics

Dr. Maximo Ave-Pernas (D, E, F, G)

Jan 2009 - Jan 2010

Dr. Maximo Ave-Pernas

Cosmic rays, gamma astronomy, telescopes AUGER and MAGIC; observation

Dr. Christoph Bobeth (C)

Okt 2011 - Sep 2013

Dr. Christoph Bobeth

Flavour Physik im und jenseits des Standardmodelles; Theorie

Dr. Lise Christensen (G)

Oct 2009 - Sep 2011

Dr. Lise Christensen

Galaxy evolution, ESO telescopes; Observation

Dr. Xavier Defay (E)

Nov 2014 - Oct 2017

Dr. Xavier Defay

Experimental particle physics: neutrinos and the direct search for dark matter, kryogenic detectors.

Dr. Robert Dunn (F)

Oct 2008 - Sep 2010

Dr. Robert Dunn

Black holes, X-ray binaries, jets, X-ray astronomy; Observation

Dr. Kristina Giesel (A, E, G)

Jan 2010 - Jul 2010

Dr. Kristina Giesel

Loop quantum gravity and field theories, Theory

Dr. Claudio Grillo (E, F)

Mar 2010 - Feb 2012

Dr. Claudio Grillo

Dark matter, gravitational lensing, galaxies and clusters of galaxies; Experiment

Dr. Boris Grube (C, D)

Oct 2008 - Sep 2010

Dr. Boris Grube

Hadron physics, COMPASS; Experiment

Dr. Diego Guadagnoli (C)

Sep 2009 - Aug 2011

Dr. Diego Guadagnoli

Flavour physics and CP violation, Theory

Dr. Claudia Hagedorn (B)

Nov 2013 - Dez 2015

Dr. Claudia Hagedorn

Particle physics theory, flavour physics; Theory

Dr. Aleksi Halkola (E)

Aug 2009 - Jul 2011

Dr. Aleksi Halkola

Gravitational lenses, clusters of galaxies and dark matter; Observation

Dr. Jens Jasche (E)

Oct 2014 - Oct 2017

Dr. Jens Jasche

Theoretical cosmology: simulations of large scale structure.

Dr. Martin Jung (A, B, C)

Oct 2014 - Oct 2017

Dr. Martin Jung

Theoretical particle physics: flavour physics, CP violation and calculations of the neutron’s EDM.

Dr. Sara Lucatello (G)

Jan 2008 - Jan 2010

Dr. Sara Lucatello

First generation metal poor stars, nucleosynthesis; Observation

Dr. Sinéad McGlynn (F)

Feb 2011 - Jan 2013

Dr. Sinéad McGlynn

Gamma Ray Bursts and their afterglows; Fermi satellite; Observation

Dr. Andrea Merloni (F)

Apr 2008 - 31 Mar 2010

Dr. Andrea Merloni

Black holes, active galaxies, X-ray and radio astronomy, LOFAR; Theory and Observation

Dr. Minoru Nagai (C)

Oct 2008 - Sep 2011

Dr. Minoru Nagai

Flavour physics, CP violation and physics beyond the standard model; Theory

Dr. Nadine Neumayer (F)

Jan 2011 - Oct 2012

Dr. Nadine Neumayer

Black holes, galaxies, nuclear star clusters; Observation

Dr. Louise Oakes (B, C)

Oct 2010 - Sep 2012

Dr. Louise Oakes

B physics, ATLAS; Experiment

Dr. Antonio Palazzo (C, E)

Sep 2010 - Sep 2012

Dr. Antonio Palazzo

Neutrino physics, Dark Matter, Theory and Experiment

Dr. Erandy Ramírez (A, E)

Sep 2010 - Aug 2012

Dr. Erandy Ramírez

Inflation, dark matter, dark energy; Theory

Dr. Mikhail Revnivtsev (E, F)

Aug 2008 - Jul 2010

Dr. Mikhail Revnivtsev

Compact objects, stellar populations, X-ray astronomy; Observation

Dr. Assaf Sternberg (F)

Mar 2014 - Oct 2015

Dr. Assaf Sternberg

Supernovae Typ Ia and their progenitor stars, spectroscopy, sample analyses; observational astronomy

Dr. Patrick Vaudrevange (A, B)

Oct 2013 - Oct 2016

Dr. Patrick Vaudrevange

String Theory and physics beyond the standard model, Theory

Dr. Oton Vazquez Doce (D)

Jan 2012 - Dec 2013

Dr. Oton Vazquez Doce

particle physics: strangeness physics, QCD; experiment

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