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PD Dr. Klaus Dolag,
Research Area I Coordinator


Dr. Günter Duckeck,
Deputy Coordinator Research Area I


C2PAP - Computational Center for Particle and Astrophysics

The computing and development needs in astro and particle physics have increased significantly in recent years and will continue to increase in the future. To meet these ever-growing needs, the Excellence Cluster Universe founded in the second period of the Excellence Initiative the Computational Center for Particle and Astrophysics (C2PAP).

The IT-company IBM provided 128 Intel Sandy Bridge computing nodes and the hardware for a Mellanox FDR InfiniBand high-speed network. Hence, the C2PAP compute cluster has more than 2,000 processor cores, which are essentially dedicated, high-memory versions of those available on the supercomputer SuperMUC at Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ).

Operated and administered at LRZ, the C2PAP compute cluster started operation in July 2013. Experimental data can now be processed, calibrated and analyzed in combination with simulations to pursue new discoveries in cosmology, particle physics and the evolution of cosmic structures.

C2PAP is continued within the successive cluster of excellence ORIGINS, please see C2PAP @ ORIGINS.

C2PAP brochure: Download pdf 

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