Dr. Andreas Müller,
Scientific Manager

+49 (89) 35831-7104

Seed Money Projects

Seed Money is used to inspire new ideas, to launch new projects and promote innovative, creative and unusual new ideas.

The aim of this new Universe-funding stream is to identify and support innovative research and development projects in all fields of the Universe Cluster, where such financial support can significantly increase scientific knowledge and lead to advances in this area of research.

Application deadlines

The next call for applications will be announced here.

Selection Committee

Proposals will be evaluated in a competitive selection process.

Committee members:
Bishop, Shawn (TUM)
Böhringer, Hans (MPE)
Brambilla, Nora (TUM)
Caldwell, Allen (MPP)
Faessler, Martin (LMU)
Fierlinger, Peter (TUM)                    
Kleinknecht, Konrad (LMU)
Komatsu, Eiichiro (MPA)
Preibisch, Thomas (LMU)
Raffelt, Georg (MPP)
Seitz, Stella (LMU)
Simon, Frank (MPP)

The committee’s funding recommendations are sent to the Research Board of the Universe Cluster for final approval.

Who can apply?

All principal investigators of the Excellence Cluster Universe can apply.


Send your application to Andreas Müller.
Proposal form and guidelines:

Funded Seed Projects 2017

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